All grass, all Non-GMO, all healthy

Our lambs only eat grass. It’s the food they were designed to eat that keeps them happy and healthy. Grain fed animals are traditionally raised in feedlots with an unnatural diet based on corn or soy and are often given growth hormones and antibiotics to survive unsanitary living conditions.

A grass fed diet is healthier for our animals and healthier for us too.

Grass. It’s nature’s super-food

Phil Guscott, Founder & Director

Grass vs. Grain

Healthy Animals

Our sheep are raised as nature intended: 100% grass fed and free to roam on pasture in fresh air and sunshine. No feedlots or grain supplements are used, and our animals are raised without any GMOs, antibiotics or hormones.

We are proud that our ranchers meet the third-party verified Global Animal Partnership Step-4 standards.

Healthy Families

Grass fed lamb is the healthy option for your family’s diet. It’s lean, high in protein and rich in essential minerals and vitamins for good health: Iron, Zinc, Vitamin D and B Vitamins: B12, niacin, B6 (pyridoxine), B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin) and biotin.

Healthy Meals

Eat our lamb and compared with grain fed beef, you’ll receive: 60% more omega-3 fatty acids, twice as much vitamin A and E, three times more conjugated linoleic acid (a good fat associated with low body fat and reduced incidence of cancer), a higher concentration of unsaturated fats versus saturated fats.

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The home of great grass

New Zealand is an idyllic environment with pure water, intense sunshine, fertile soil and lush pastures. Our temperate climate means we grow great grass throughout the year. Our animals really have the perfect place to grow and thrive.