When Nature gives us the very best, we make sure to thank her.

Atkins Ranch lamb is raised by a community of family farms in beautiful, remote New Zealand - roaming free through lush pasture in some of the most perfect growing conditions on Earth. For flavors and textures that are the envy of the world. But what sets Atkins Ranch apart is not just what nature gives us. It's what our farmers give, every day, in return.

We farm regeneratively. Working with, and changing with the land we care for, to sequester carbon, improve water quality and biodiversity, enrich soils and leave natural systems stronger, healthier and more resilient than we found them. We believe that farming can, and should, be better for the land that we are guardians of, and for generations to come. We share our knowledge openly, hoping others will follow - and over the years we've taken every opportunity to set new standards, and be judged against them.

So when you choose Atkins Ranch, you can share in a flavor, and a future, you can love.

nutritious, delicious and
a great ingredient to grow healthy,
happy families.

Rod Buddo, Atkins Ranch rancher