Family to family

Our story started in 1989 with two ranchers around a family table in the rolling hill country of New Zealand and the belief that good food brings people together. One hundred ranchers, thousands of families, countless meals and 30 years later, and we still believe that extraordinary lamb eaten together creates meaningful connections and lasting memories.

Our lamb is born, raised and prepared by our family of families. We care for our animals the same way we care for our land – with the utmost compassion and consideration. We’re a family that values honesty, respect and high standards, and those are values you can taste in our lamb. It’s 100% grass fed healthy lamb that’s natural, safe and nutritious.

While our lamb starts its journey many miles away, we know the importance of being around the corner, which is why our American home is San Francisco, California. We’re likely to be sitting down to dinner the same time that you are. We invite you to slow down, share and savor the delicious, healthy taste of Atkins Ranch lamb.

nutritious, delicious and
a great ingredient to grow healthy,
happy families.

Rod Buddo, Atkins Ranch rancher

Our family values

Let’s be honest

Openness and transparency are key to all of our relationships.

Mother nature knows best

Our lambs are 100% grass fed on GMO free pasture with no added antibiotics or hormones.

It’s good to be good

We deliver natural, healthy, safe and nutritious lamb that’s fully traceable to our ranches.

Respect goes a long way

We tend to our animals and land with care so that they’ll be there for years to come.

Strive to be better

We have exceptionally high animal welfare and environmental standards, and uphold the highest compliance requirements.

Howdy neighbor

We’re just around the corner, even though our lamb comes from a world away.

It pays to be fair

We value passion and integrity in our ranchers and ensure they receive a sustainable return.