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Lets be honest. Our ranchers are a crucial part of our family of families. Our small and focused New Zealand supply chain team ensures that an open and transparent relationship always exists between Atkins Ranch and our ranchers.


  • Adopting international best practice in animal welfare

  • Emphasising the production of pasture raised natural lamb (raised without antibiotics and GMOs)

  • Focusing on environmental stewardship

  • Exceeding customer expectations by producing product to strict specifications

  • Being a USA-focused producer of 100% grass fed lamb


Atkins Ranch is dedicated to delivering natural, healthy, safe and nutritious lamb. Our ranchers must provide full traceability from birth and ensure lambs are:

  • 100% grass fed

  • Free to roam

  • Pasture raised

  • Raised without antibiotics

  • Raised without hormones

  • Raised without GMOs


Atkins Ranch is focused on connecting ranchers with USA consumers through direct supply of pasture raised lamb to retail customers. We benefit from direct supply to USA retailers, with some relationships going beyond 20 years. In order to maintain this position, we must maintain a stretched focus on animal welfare along with strict adherence with market required assurance claims.

We’re passionate about what we do
and the way we do it.

Phil Guscott, Atkins Ranch rancher

Direct to retail supply options

The Whole Foods Market Family to Family Programme

It’s good to be good. This programme has exceptionally high standards, as you would expect when supplying the world’s largest retailer of natural and organic foods, Whole Foods Market. Externally, you must ensure compliance standards are met through third party audits.

What you need to know

  • Payment terms are market linked: 100% payment of the weekly schedule (at the week of processing) is made six to eight weeks after processing

  • A share of the in-market pool is paid mid-December (based on total qualifying lambs supplied over the season)

  • Lambs must be supplied using an Atkins Ranch Animal Status Declaration to ensure full traceability

Pasture Raised Programme

Mother Nature guides our farming. All our lambs need to be 100% grass fed on GMO free pasture with no added antibiotics or hormones.

What you need to know

  • All lambs supplied must be compliant with our market claims

  • Payment terms are 14 days after processing

  • Lambs must be supplied using an Atkins Ranch Animal Status Declaration to ensure full traceability

Lamb specification

Our required market specifications for all lambs supplied to Atkins Ranch are:
18.0 to 25.9 kgs, 3-15mm GR (year round)

Find out more

If you would like more information about joining the Atkins Ranch family of ranchers, send us your email address and we will be in touch. Thanks for your interest.

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