Meet our ranchers

James Hunter

  • Rangitoto
  • Porangahau, Central Hawke’s Bay
  • 660 hectares / 1630 acres
  • Coastal hill country
Map of Porangahau
James Hunter's Land
James Hunter
James Hunter

I’ve been supplying lamb to Atkins Ranch for a long while. I love the personal touch, from the small team all the way through to the meat counter and even the cooking demonstrations. It’s an approach that’s really inspirational. For me, ranching is about both what I sell and our environment. I aim to grow a tasty product and at the same time, enhance biodiversity and the landscape by creating wetlands, planting trees and allowing bush areas to regenerate. I think this is a great story. When people buy Atkins Ranch lamb they know where it came from and how it was produced, and they can feel good about the choice they’ve made.