Meet our ranchers

Mike & Julia Murray and Mike & Jane Cammock

  • Kouratahi
  • Gladstone, Wairarapa
  • 1100 hectares / 2718 acres
  • Flat to rolling, steep hill country
Map of Gladstone
Mike & Julia Murray and Mike & Jane Cammock's Land
Mike & Julia Murray and Mike & Jane Cammock
Mike & Julia Murray and Mike & Jane Cammock

Producing lamb in New Zealand is exciting because now, more than ever, people want to know where their food is coming from. And here, we produce lamb in a guilt-free manner. Our animals are outside for 365 days a year and have access to fresh green pasture, space, sunshine and water. We’ve been with Atkins Ranch since the beginning and have the same passion driving us: producing the best product possible to take to the world. Atkins Ranch started with the desire to make a difference in the lamb industry and we admire that. They focus on quality throughout the supply chain and the result is a premium product. We love knowing where our lamb goes and are privileged it goes in to the homes of families in the USA. We take pride in what we do and consider ourselves lucky to be working the land. To us ranching is about respecting the land and providing an opportunity for the people in our team to grow. It’s our hope to continue running an operation that’s sustainable financially and environmentally. And create something for our family they can always return to.