Meet our ranchers

Charlie & Amorette Pattison

  • Waiwhero
  • Waipukurau, Central Hawke’s Bay
  • 793 hectares / 1960 acres
  • Rolling to hill country
Map of Waipukurau
Charlie & Amorette Pattison's Land
Charlie & Amorette Pattison
Charlie & Amorette Pattison

On our ranch, everything is handled quietly. When it comes to our animals, less is more. We believe great lamb comes from sunshine, good quality pasture and pure, fresh water. It’s quite simple really. It’s hugely satisfying creating a product that we’re proud of. That’s what gets us out of bed every day. We’ve been supplying Atkins Ranch for over 10 years. They really understand the marketplace, who is eating our lamb and what those people want. In a job that comes with many variables and aspects you can’t control, it’s a great feeling to achieve something you can have direct control over – producing lamb that has been treated nicely and tastes great – we’d like to think it’s something we do very well.